J'ai un ordinateur avec des compilers

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I am Deavmi, otherwise known as Disquette/Diskette and in real life I am Tristan.
I am a 17 year old Catholic Portuguese computer programmer who enjoys programming
language development. I spend my time writing documents (plans for my future language)
and testing out algorithmns in computer code to create things like lexers and soon
an interpreter maybe. This is why my GitHub account will have less production-quality
or even usable projects hosted on it.

I am a Free Software developer (love the GNU licenses) and I also like Public Domain.

I have an interest in C, C++, Python, Java and Go and whatever I find in
the future. For now I am focusing on those as they feel like a good set of
languages for me.

When not doing this I am coding other things to test my knowledge on a language.

I enjoy working very hard and putting lots of effort into learning computer programming
and its related topics. I like understanding core concepts and that is why I look at
said concepts in different ways as to understand them in a dynamic way that can be applied
dynamically to most things. Working hard and putting effort into computer programming
and general computer science is my motto in life.

Lastly, when I am away from my computers I am listening to music or taking photographs
and then editing them after a moment of photos.

I like to eat food and I can speak English, French and Afrikaans. The latter isn't that