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The dank IRC network

What is BonoboNET?

BonoboNET is an inter-continental IRC network run by a community of
people from around the globe with varying interests. It's open for anyone
join and also peer with upon request. Most of the people on the network
are computer literate, hopefully that gives you a feel for what the community

The network started sometime in April of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic
which is why the first node was named lockdown.bnet however the actual first
node wasn't on the same machine but rather a different one that has been
decommissioned for the job of "first node" as it had a faulty disk.

The network is also diverse in terms of peering topology - people just peer with
whoever they want and we have quite an interesting network graph as a result.

Another aspect of the diversity of the network is that we have peerings over clearnet,
yggdrasil, cjdns and CRXN. We're always open to have more network types added
to our portfolio.


Below is a list of servers you can use your IRC client to connect to.

  1. lockdown.bnet (Yggdrasil, CRXN): irc://[200:c2a4:4104:ce7b:c778:46ef:e914:96bf]:6667, irc://
  2. reddawn648.bnet (Yggdrasil): irc://[203:18f:89f9:8493:9c31:26f6:a9e6:79f4]:6667
  3. yggpi.bnet (Yggdrasil) irc://[200:c307:591a:fc3e:66e9:a5c1:85b2:edc6]:6667
  4. banghoe.bnet (Yggdrasil, CRXN): irc://[201:cb93:9864:4f8c:d2d7:264b:6fe:ba73]:6667, irc://
  5. (Yggdrasil) irc://[200:a4df:d66c:3f3a:b551:5224:c32f:cf8d]:6667


Nothing illegal please, use your common sense.


E-mail the O.G. at for more information. However the files below may help
you with the globally required server parameters. We're using ngircd by the way. Why? Because
it's the only darn IRCd I know how to configure and have experience in doing a small test-net
with it before and it seemed to work, so yeah.

  1. Parameters configurations
  2. Network map
  3. Network map (as text)