Community Run eXpansive Network

What is CRXN?

CRXN is a community run IPv4-based computer network running on the ( private subnet.
The purpose of the network is to experiment with networking hardware and software and have a network
where people are free to run what they want, easily - as was intended with IPv4.

We have a versatile peering system ranging from physical peerings (as an option) all the way to tunneling
IP traffic over various tunneling-capable protocols such as Yggdrasil or CJDNS.

Getting peered and assigned

Getting peered (via physical medium or over a tunnel) is the first step of getting onto the network.
Secondly one will need to be assigned a subnet on the 10/8 range and then have those details
entered into our (primitive) subnet allocations system (a text file).

As for now you can contact deavmi at or contact him via
the #crxn channel on the BonoboNET IRC network.


For now we don't really have a news source regarding the network and its going-ons
but I, Deavmi, hve a Mastodon account that you can find on my homepage where I often,
under the hash tag #CRXN, post updates about the project and what I am doing to my part
of the network locally.

You can also follow the CRXN mastodon account at


Some files below that might be useful for further information regarding the project.
  1. Network map
  2. Subnet allocations